Perla Law, PLC

WE LISTEN AND RESPOND: At Perla Law we pride ourselves on treating each and every client as a person, not a file or case number.  We will treat you with dignity and handle your matter with the time and attention it deserves.  Your concerns and objectives will be heard - we will respond to you in a timely and professional fashion.

YOU'RE IN CONTROL:  It's your case.  We are here to ensure that matters are handled properly and your interests are protected.  We don't believe in a "one size fits all" approach to resolving your legal matters. Let us help you find the right solution, whether it's assisting you to do it yourself, advocating on your behalf, mediating an agreement, or referring you to someone who can better represent your particular situation - we can help. 

WE UNDERSTAND:  The reality is that people do not seek the assistance of an Attorney when life is rolling along smoothly.  Most people need an attorney only when the unexpected occurs.  It's our business, but it's your life.  Whatever circumstance prompted you to require our services is a priority to you - we won't forget that.


Perla Law, PLC
MAIL: 530 E. McDowell Rd., Ste. 107-486, Phoenix, AZ  85004
PHONE: 602.312.7104
FAX:  602.252.4809

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