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Rates (Flexible Solutions Available for Special Circumstances)*

CONSULTATION:  First 1/2 hour free, hourly fees apply thereafter.

CONTINGENCIES: (For Personal Injury Recoveries) 30% of settlement remaining after payment of liens, bills, costs & expenses.

EXPENSES:  At times, there may be additional costs, which are the responsibility of the client, they will be discussed as they become pertinent.

FEES: FIling Fees are the responsibility of the client. They vary but will be discussed prior to filing.

FLAT RATE:  Some situations may allow for a one time "Flat Rate" dependent on the nature of your situation.

 $350.00/hr.  It is the client's responsibility to maintain a minimum $2,000.00 advanced fee deposit in their account at all times. * All rates will be discussed with the client at the time of the consultation and further memorialized in a written, signed agreement.

Perla Law, PLC
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